Eastern European Media Holdings S.A. is a private company which acquired 100% of the shares of Content Ventures Limited (formerly Apace Media plc) in April 2011 by share-for-share exchange by Scheme of Arrangement. Since then, the company’s shares have not been listed on any exchange and very few shares have been privately traded. No stockbroker deals with the shares.

Eastern European Media Holdings S.A. was incorporated and is resident in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Before going private in March 2010, Apace Media plc shares were listed on AIM at 0.875p (i.e. less than 1p) per share.

As the shares are not traded publicly, the acquisition or disposal of shares requires matching with a prospective seller or buyer. If you are interested in acquiring or in disposing of shares in Eastern European Media Holdings S.A., please contact the company secretary at the email address opposite.